Short Run Mini CD Duplication (210MB)

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Based on your selection from the option menus, you can get instant price quote plus shipping by specifying your zipcode and the quantity.

This page is only for short-run low volume Mini CD duplication. If you need high quality pressed CDs, please look for Mini CD under the Replication section. The difference between duplication and replication is that duplicated CDs are burned from CD-R whereas replicated CDs are pressed from a stamper (or mold).

If time is not on your side and you should have had your CD ready by yesterday, come to us for help. Our Short-Run Mini CD Duplication will patch your Achilles’ heel. The CDs will be duplicated by our own speedy CD Duplication Towers which will compare and verify each CD to be the exact replicate of the master. Simply send us your master and your label artwork and we will take care of the rest. Your artwork will be printed on highly glossy 1440 dpi labels. Just count on us to get the job done. To save you even more time, we can drop ship the CDs directly to where they are supposed to go.

Packaging available for short-run CD Replication include:

  1. Clear plastics sleeves
  2. Soft Plastics Clam Shells

From the Packaging pull-down menu above you can choose different kinds of packaging options. Additional options can be added from the context sensitive menus to meet your requirements.

Artwork templates are listed below based on the selections you have made under the Packaging pull-down menu. You will need either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to open the template. If you use non-standard fonts please either send us the font files, outline the fonts (Illustrator), or rasterize the fonts (Photoshop). Missing font is a common problem we face when clients use non-standard fonts.

If you don’t have either Photoshop or Illustrator, send us a TIFF, BMP, or JPG file that conforms to the following specifications:

  1. 300 dpi
  2. CMYK or RGB mode
  3. Artwork diameter is 78mm. The inner non-printable area diameter is 22mm. Please allow 1mm along the edge as bleed.

Make the packaging option selection and then click on the Shop Online button. Specify the quantity you need, put your selection into the shopping cart, complete the check out process. You will receive an online invoice by email.

Download the Mini CD Duplication Artwork Template to design your artwork. You will need either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to open the template. If you use Photoshop, please rasterize all your text layers. If you use Illustrator, please make all your text as outline.

Burn the finished artwork on a CD and send it together with the content CD to be duplicated. You can also send us the artwork and/or content electronically to by using

If you place the order online, please include a copy of the online invoice when you send us the master by mail.

New Cyberian Systems, Inc. guarantees the duplicated CD will be exactly the same as the master provided to us by our clients. We will not be liable for any latent errors that are inherent in the content. Please make sure to check and test the master before sending it to us.

If you choose to send us file(s) digitally, please be aware that there is potential risk of missing data or data corruption. In the event this ever happens, you agree to hold New Cyberian harmless for any losses. New Cyberian will do its best to help mitigate the losses and you agree to compensate New Cyberian for the additional expense for re-running the replication job.

Note: All prices include the CD media, content duplication, and label on CD. There is absolutely NO extra charge except for shipping.