DVD Products

New Cyberian offers the following DVD duplication, replication, and DVD printing services. Please refer to the tabs at lower portion of the page for the subtle difference between duplication and replication.

Standard Size Single Layer DVDs (4.7GB)

For 300 or more

DVD Replication

For 25 to 300

DVD Duplication

Pre-printed DVD-Rs

DVD-R Printing


Standard Size Dual Layer DVDs (8.5GB)

For 300 or more DVDs

dual layer dvd replication

For 25 to 300 DVDs

dual layer dvd duplication

Pre-printed Dual Layer DVD-Rs

pre-printed dual layer DVD-R


Mini DVDs (80mm)

For 300 or more Mini DVDs

mini dvd replication

For 25 to 300 Mini DVDs

mini dvd duplication

Pre-printed Mini DVD-Rs

pre-printed mini DVD-R


Double Side DVD (DVD-10, 9.4GB)

Only for 300 or more

DVD-10 Replication



DVD Replication

Just like its CD counterpart, DVDs can be copied by duplication or by replication.

When the ordered quality is 300 or more and if you can afford a lead-time of about 5 business days, DVD replication will make more sense. By replication we mean the DVDs will be manufactured in an industrial controlled environment where the discs are pressed from a stamper which is in turn made from a glass master. Hollywood DVD are all copied by replication.

Since 2000, New Cyberian has helped many indie filmmakers fulfill their DVD replication and DVD duplication needs. If you are unsure as to whether your project should go the duplication or replication route, contact us and we will help you make the best decision.

DVD Duplication

Another way of copying DVD is through DVD duplication.

When the required volume is low or when the lead-time is tight, DVD duplication will be cost effective and be able to meet the deadline normally within 24-hours. The DVDs will be burned from DVD-R and the artwork will be printed either on paper label and then affixed to the disc. or directly onto the disc surface using inkjet printing.

DVD duplication gives the flexibility to have a quick turn around at the cost of slightly higher unit price. With a short notice, we can have your DVDs ready in less then 24-hours. When time is of essence we can even finish your order in 20 minutes while you wait.